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Intellectual & Intuitive. Artsy & Practical. Playful & Serious. . . here we find the twenty-first century millennial femme's musings on what should be an existential crisis, yet is not.

Just a sampling of what appeals to my eye. Be forewarned, there will be horses and there will be dancing. Life is not complete without either.

All content not my own will be cited as such, unless it is unknown.

My wit is on temporary hiatus… Pending review by its colleagues, sincerity and temerity.
Shallan, The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

New Years Day

In a log cabin by a lake. warmed by the company of old friends. sipped peach champagne. impromptu cuddle piles. sung folk songs. serenaded the babe to sleep. stargazing.

Welcome New Year. May this be a harbringer of more to come.

Quiet sunday

Sitting in a quiet house. Reading a book about the beginnings of the Neo-Swing movement. Consuming a bowl of homemade Miso soup. Cuddling my sweet little cat.

This is a good moment.

Grandma's Swiss Chard Patties ↘

Found via Pinterest


Just one day until we hold hands again. Until the kisses continue. Until the quiver in my heart stills. Until the banked fire is allowed to lick at my bones. Until we both burn.

I’ve hurt myself in my life, I thought, by leaving a thousand beautiful places.
Kathleen, in Nuala O’Faolain’s “My Dream of You”