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Just a sampling of what appeals to my eye. Be forewarned, there will be horses and there will be dancing. Life is not complete without either.

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New Problems with Old Languages

Singing Latin with others of mixed Anglo-Germanic ancestry is bound to lead to all sorts of hilarity. Pronunciation varies widely, but the altos & sopranos agree on one thing. All of us have a problem with the presence of “testes”.

Someday I will write a book chronicling my father’s stories. His adventures, mis-adventures, experiences, triumphs, failures, loves and hatreds and passions will be documented for familial posterity. Everything but adolescence, because no parent shares that chapter with their children.

There will even be one from today. It will be titled Close Encounters of the Odoriferous Kind or maybe The One Creature A Brave Man Fears. I only hope I can do the absurdity of it justice.

No matter how much I love & respect the man, right now, all I can do is fall over in stitches when I look at him. And that feeling should be shared.